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Powerful inventory solutions and Content generation

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Complete Auto Channel with Content

We have numerous users that manage anywhere from one dealer client to hundreds of clients.

Whether you are a web designer, a magazine publisher, or major news syndicate – we can help develop a site to show off your full inventory.

The Auto Channel shows off dealer info, specific dealer inventory. We can also set up an OAS (online ad server) in your site so that you can sell ad space on your pages if you’d like.

You can pipe in custom content with our service, and show other related information to help retain your customers.

Dealer Search Apps

Shoppers can search through all dealer & classified inventory

The dealer search app is developed for individual car dealers, allowing them to have their own app in the iTunes™ store. The app has the following functions:

  • Vehicle search
  • Save vehicles in favorites for later viewing
  • Scroll through vehicle images
  • View vehicles marked as “special” by the dealer
  • View a Google Map of the dealer location
  • Email a friend about the car
  • Post info about the car on the app user’s Facebook page

Facebook App

Use the Facebook app and all inventory is searchable.

Companies using social sites such as Twitter and Facebook are growing. Using these site is definitely to your dealers’ advantage. Having Twitter followers or Facebook fans is a good thing – these are people who want to follow your company, they want to hear from your dealer. Our tools make it simple to post vehicles to these accounts.

If your dealer has this great new car and the price is too good to be true- why not let their friends and followers know about it?

Craigslist Tool

Post to Craigslist, track the results.

Our Craigslist tool is quite simple to use. Use custom templates, or one of many already created. View when a car was posted and how many views that car has received on Craigslist.

There is no such thing as “auto posting” your inventory on Craigslist. If you take a look at Craigslist terms of service, using companies to post cars is technically not allowed.

Although we can do it for you, and you can consider that auto posting, using our tool is very simple and quick. It is used by hundreds of dealers nationwide.

Inventory Export

Daily Automated Inventory Exports

On a daily basis, we create multiple feeds with your dealer’s vehicles for sale in them. These feeds are picked up by a number of classified web sites. From there, those classified websites get their feeds picked up by other sources, which contain your vehicles for sale, and so on. Through these feeds, we track hundreds of web sites viewing the vehicles stored in in our database.
We have the capability to submit your full inventory from all dealer locations (daily) to paid sites like, Vehix, Autotrader, and more. As long as the dealer has an account with the export partner we can send vehicles to their classified sites.

Inventory Import

Automatic Daily Imports

Do you have an inventory solution in place already? That’s not a problem, we can automatically import your cars into our system while you maintain your current provider. Because we send your inventory to multiple places, your cars will be seen by more customers. This means you can advertise your cars in many places at one time, for a simple flat fee.

This means if you are in a contract with a current provider (and you still want to create an auto channel) you can use the National Automotive Direct service, the tools, and the exposure.   When we import your entire inventory from your current provider, you’ll be able to quantify the difference in sales power between the 2 resources.

Call Tracking

Track incoming calls to the dealership from multiple sources.

Individual call tracking numbers are available. Use them in specific ads, or certain web sites, to monitor how many calls the source is generating, etc. You can use these numbers for any of your marketing needs – not just with our services.

In the admin, dealers can view the caller id’s phone number, the source the call was from, when the person called, and how long the call lasted. Users can also search call data by date ranges.